Manufacturing Process

Attention to detail has not changed at Vita Craft since 1939. The machines are bigger and more efficient, but the people are still craftsmen at their trade.

Vita Craft cookware begins as a flat disc made of multiple layers of aluminum permanently bonded between two stainless steel sheets. It arrives unpolished, unpressed, without handles or knobs. Selling this metal disc would be the challenge of the century, even for our top-notch sales staff.

Imagine! A person comes to your home with this "steel Frisbee!" They say, "Trust me. I will turn this disc into a lid that fits perfectly, a pan that distributes heat evenly along the bottom and sides, shine the outside surface like a mirror and Vita Craft will guarantee the product for life. I can also guarantee you, the unique construction of this product allows food to cook over low heat in their own juices without loss of vitamins, minerals or flavor."

The manufacturing division can do that. Eighteen section-assembly areas create the perfect cookware for Vita Craft. The flat discs are formed under tons of pressure into pans and covers. From there the sit-down area of the rim for the cover is pressed, trimmed, and polished inside and outside...then sent on for final polishing and buffing. From there, the concavity across the bottom of every pan is checked to ensure even heat distribution.