Stack Cooking

How to Get the Most From Your Vita Craft Cookware System

Stack Cooking Brings Out the Best in Your 5-Ply
Stack cooking is a method of using your Vita Craft cookware that employs two of Vita Craft's exceptional features: five-ply construction and matching diameters. When stack cooking, you can prepare an entire meal, from main course through dessert, on one burner.

As you can imagine, with that type of efficiency, stack cooking will save you money on energy usage. It will also save you time. And, maybe most of all, you'll enjoy the greater convenience and freedom it provides.

Why Stack Cooking Works
When you purchased your Vita Craft pans, you acquired a "nutritional cooking system." The ability to stack cook is one of the reasons we call the cookware a system. Our engineers specifically designed your Vita Craft utensils to work together to cook food more efficiently.

Hot From Bottom to Top
Stack cooking Vita Craft cookware is successful because the five-ply metal construction conducts heat evenly across the bottom and up the sides of the unit, then transfers heat to the next pan.

Using a digital pyrometer, we measured the temperature of the stack configuration shown. After one hour of cooking over low heat the top cover maintained 92.3% of its original temperature. Five-ply moves heat along so efficiently and thoroughly that the top pan cooks as if it were sitting on a burner itself! That's using synergy instead of energy. Smart cooking.

A Close Fit Family
The diameters of your Vita Craft pans were calculated so that various pans could be inverted and used as covers on top of other pans. This cover provides a shelf for another pan. Now that's valuable versatility!

What Can You Do With Your Pans?
Have some fun and try out combinations for yourself with your Vita Craft collection. You'll be amazed at how many combinations this valuable system yields, In fact, we engineered 32 basic variations into the entire system.

Get the most out of your nutritional cooking system by using the stack cooking method. Enjoy the convenience, and savings of money and time.

Try Your First Stack Cooked Meal Tonight
Stack cooking is truly easy. Just remember a couple of things:

1. As with all cooking in Vita Craft pans, fill each pan to the top with the food to be cooked.

2. Heat the pans to be stacked to the point at which they reach the vapor seal before you stack them. Stacking the pans lets the food finish cooking or, if you desire, just keeps it warm.

Ready to give stack cooking a try? Prepare the following delicious meal entirely on one burner.

1. Begin cooking a roast as normal in the six-quart roaster: Heat the pan to the point where water drops dance on the bottom. Then sear the roast (about a five-pound one) on all sides.

2. Place accompanying vegetables (washed but unpeeled, sliced carrots; quartered potatoes; etc.) around the roast. You do not need to put any water in the roaster.

3. Place the steamer rack or large rack in the roaster. Put prepared cake mix in the thermo server, cover it tightly with foil, and set on rack. Then put the high dome cover on the roaster. When the high dome cover is warm to the touch, lower the heat.

4. Pre-heat a small pan (1 quart or 2 quart) of cored apple or vegetables on medium heat until the lid is hot to the touch and the vapor seal is achieved. Turn off the burner and set the pan on top of the high dome cover.

The whole meal will cook in about 50 minutes!