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More than ever before, consumers have access to the latest studies and advice on proper diet and nutrition. People are becoming increasingly aware that the foods we eat can help fight certain types of cancer, heart disease and other ailments.

This awareness has lead to a greater demand for quality cookware that offers benefits beyond a mere cooking utensil.

Why choose a distributorship with Vita Craft?

You'll be able to boast about the fact that you represent a solid company that has been around for over 70 years and offers a lifetime guarantee;

You can do what you've always dreamed of doing - be your own boss and actually enjoy the fruits of your labor;

You'll reap the benefits of working with a company that treats customers the right way; and, choosing Vita Craft will not only put you in charge of your own life, you'll be instrumental in creating an awareness that will help others enhance the one thing we all cherish most – our health.

If you would like to learn more about Vita Craft's distributorship opportunity, contact us by clicking HERE. Be sure to include your name, mailing address and phone number where we can contact you with information.

As a sales professional, it's critical that you can make sales calls with the confidence that your products are unsurpassed in quality, and that you can offer your customers the best value for their money available anywhere. Just as important is having a full line of products with broad appeal, so you can meet the needs of a greater number of new customers, and continue selling to established customers for years to come.

The product line you'll offer as a Vita Craft distributor reflects 70 years of development, testing, and refinement.

It's the result of Vita Craft Corporation's own manufacturing capabilities, as well as relationships we've cultivated with other top manufacturers. The result is a line of exclusive products designed for both immediate sales appeal and long term customer satisfaction.

The Vita Craft commitment to quality and sales appeal extends beyond our products, to include customer service and warranty programs designed to help you build a strong base of satisfied, repeat customers.

"As a professor of Health Science and a registered dietician, I have had many opportunites to use and recommend cookware and cooking methods. Foods cooked in Vita Craft retain their nutrients and their attractive, appealing colors, flavors and textures As a dietician, I know it is very important foods be attractive as well as good for you.

Vita Craft is a waterless/greaseless cooking system that I highly recommend to my students and my patients."

Ann F. Hunter, PhD, RD, LD,
Assistant Professor of Health
Science at The Wichita State
University, Wichita, Kansas

Few business opportunities
afford as many advantages
as the Vita Craft dealership program. You'll pay no franchise fee or ongoing royalty. And
you can get into business
without high expenditures on capital equipment...only a
small collection of product
samples. You won't have to
rent office space either...the business can be run out of your home. You won't even need a customer's
orders will be shipped directly
to their homes.

In short, the Vita Craft distributorship is designed to help you build a thriving business with low overhead and tremendous growth potential.

• Every product manufactured by Vita Craft Corporation comes with a lifetime guarantee. Lasting quality builds lasting customer loyalty.
• There are no minimum orders. Your customers can start with small purchases, and order additional items as their budgets permit.
• Custom-ordered sets are no problem. You can mix and match items from different collections, for the flexibility many customers demand.
• Every order is shipped directly to customers, eliminating your need for warehouse space and reducing your customers' wait for delivery.

For more than seventy years Vita Craft has been a recognized leader as a manufacturer and distributor of quality home products. The reason for our success is simple: we believe that lasting success can only be achieved though an uncompromising commitment to excellence. We believe in awarding distributorships to ambitious individuals who share this commitment, and empowering them with advantages they need to excel in today's business environment. A full line of excellent and innovative products, backed by strong service and quality guarantees. Extensive training. Marketing assistance. Ongoing support. And the benefit of having a name and reputation distinguished by a half a century of customer satisfaction.

At Vita Craft we recognize that being the best is not enough. Prospective customers have to know you're the best. For this reason, Vita Craft has developed a powerful sales system for helping qualified distributors and their sales people communicate the benefits of the Vita Craft line of quality home products. Sales representatives showcase Vita Craft products in the best possible sales environment: the customer's own home. They follow tested sales techniques designed not only to help them close individual sales, but to turn each customer into a Vita Craft customer for life.

Currently, Vita Craft is awarding distributorships to qualified individuals who are committed to professional success and personal excellence. If you're ready to take the first step toward a brighter business future, I invite you to contact us with any questions about how a Vita Craft distributorship can help you achieve your full business potential.

At Vita Craft, we believe that excellence is not a destination, but a journey. Perhaps we can both benefit by making the journey together.


For more information please call, 913-631-6265.