Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get replacement handles?

Simply download, fill out and print or email this Handle Replacement Form. Return it with a nominal processing and shipping fee by mailing your form and check or money order to 11100 W. 58 St., Shawnee, Kansas 66203. You may also fax the form with your credit card information to 913-631-1143. For online orders, please click here.

Where do I send my cookware for repair?

Vita Craft Corporation, 11100 W. 58 St., Shawnee, Kansas 66203. Please mark "REPAIRS" on your box so that it can be easily seen. Include you name, address, phone number and any other information on a sticker or sheet of paper and place it inside the box with your cookware. Please do not write this information directly on the wrapping paper as it is not easily noticed. We also suggest that you use UPS and insure your cookware.

Is my cookware still under warranty?

No matter when you purchased your cookware or when you will in the future,
Vita Craft extends a LIEFTIME GUARANTEE. Not many people use the term LIFETIME GUARANTEE these days — and mean it. Vita Craft is certainly an exception to the rule. Contact our Customer Service department by phone at 800/359-3444 or e-mail us at

Do you have a distributorship in my area that can contact me?

We'd be happy to put you in touch with a distributor. We need to know your name, address, e-mail address and phone number. Be sure to include htis information with your request. You will be given the name of the person contacting you. Your information will only be shared with this person at your request. Contact us by phone at 800/359-3444 or e-mail us at