"I just wanted to say how pleased I still am with the cookware
set I purchased from you twenty-eight years ago. They still look
and cook great. The last time I corresponded with you I needed
a handle replacement. Today it is just a pot top and another handle.
That is excellent product performance for twenty-eight years.
Of all the wedding gifts we started out with, the pots and pans
have endured the best. In a few years, my children will marry,
and I expect that I will give them each a set of Vita Craft."

Linda E.
Laguna Beach, California

"The other week my daughter purchased a set of Vita Craft cookware. She is very happy about it. I've used Vita Craft for 25 years, and I have had good service. I like the way you have stood behind it. I think you offered a good deal then and great one now."

Gail R.
Cleveland, North Carolina

"Quality products and outstanding customer service; that's the
Vita Craft formula for customer satisfaction and dealer satisfaction.
After all, our is a business built on relationships...LIKE YOURS!

"This letter compliments your staff on superior customer service.

I purchased a set of your cookware 32 years ago when I was
young and poor. My friends told me I was foolish and that I
would never get my money's worth. The cookware was wonderful.
I never used anything else, and finally this year a pan handle
broke off.

I dug out my lifetime warranty, went online and communicated
with Vita Craft, and embarked on a journey of courtesy, friendliness, promptness, generosity and just good old-fashioned CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I have been treated like a queen, made to feel special, and more
than satisfied. I am now telling everyone I know about this royal
treatment, not to mention boasting the cookware every chance I get.

I wish for Lynn and Sandy to receive recognition from their
managers for being so wonderful. You are fortunate to have
these women on your staff.

Leslie B.

"After acquiring a computer last fall, one of the first things I did was to see if Vita Craft had a web site. Let me explain.

Over 50 years ago, my wife bought a number of pieces of your cookware. You will be pleased to know that they are still in continuous use. The handles on the soup pot, however, had finally given way and the screws that held the handles were all that remained to grasp the pot. I e-mailed your Customer Service Dept. and explained that, for lo these many years, each Saturday was homemade soup day at our house and that one day while carrying the pot it slipped from my hands with the resultant spill. Reluctantly, my wife decided the pot should join us in a well earned retirement since I was unable to locate a Vita Craft store or find a suitable replacement for the handles.

Just two days after I e-mailed you, one of your staff replied and told me if I forwarded the pot to your repair department that they would review the pot and, if possible, replace the handles. They were able to adapt your new handles to the pot. Total elapsed time from my first e-mail back to our stove top: 30 days. And that was at the peak of the holiday season.

I wanted to let you know that not only does Vita Craft make quality products, but you also have quality employees. I thank them and you very much. "

Robert S.

"I was stunned when I found out that your “lifetime warranty”
means just that.

I bought my first set of Vita Craft cookware at age 22 while
single and working in a small town in Ohio. This year, and
now at the age of 57, the old handles on some of the pots
began falling off. The pots and pans, themselves, were still
in good shape. I was surprised to see that you were still in
business so I packed up my set and sent it to Kansas to
have the handles replaced.

I think that in a time when warranties are extremely limited,
and have many loopholes, that your offer and your service
was just unbelievable. I had never expected to encounter a
company again in my lifetime that would honor a “lifetime
warranty” without questions.

Thank you for your wonderful service,
Yvette G.

"We're writing in regards to our previous communications about the 40 year old pots and pans purchased from Vita Craft and their condition. We were a little apprehensive about seeking repairs due to their age and the usual run of the mill warranties.

However, from the first contact we were treated promptly and courteously. We did what we were advised, and this morning when the UPS truck delivered the finished product, we were overwhelmed.

It not only is a tribute to your product and your words but a real pleasure working with such fine people. We thank you all for your service and will spread the goods news about your fine people as well as your products."

Bob & Pat F.

"Do you know how glorious it is, after 35 years, for a
company to still be in existence and still honor their word?

With Thanksgiving next week, it is so, so appropriate for me
to extend to you my heartfelt gratitude to you for your product
and service.

In this day and age of shoddy products and uncaring companies
that do not keep their word, I can't say enough about the
quality and integrity of Vita Craft and everyone I have dealt
with in the company.

Marcia R.

"Thank you very much for replacing a handle on my very favorite small VITA CRAFT stew pan. It is gratifying to know that there are Companies who make good products and who honor their warranties even like my small pan. It looks really nice now and I appreciate your consideration."

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"My husband and I invested in a set of Vita Craft pots and
pans decades ago and have been very happy with the purchase.

I have to say that having owned and used these pots and
pans in regular, household cooking for more than 3 decades,
I still love the cookware! It heats and cooks evenly, is a
comfortable weight, cleans well and easily, stores neatly,
and clearly is very durable. The set was a significant and
expensive purchase for us in 1977 but it has been a top
rate investment. The ROI has been a constant!"

Best Regards,
Canton, MI

"I originally bought my Vita Craft cookware in Brenham, Texas in 1960 before I married.

The first days of June this year I sent in 2 pans and 1 pot to have the handles replaced. When I opened the box when you returned the serviced items, I was surprised — After all these years — You sent me back NEW pots and pans! I am so delighted! They are beautiful!"

Thank you!

"Thank you for many years of good food cooked in Vita Craft."

Lake Ozark, MO

"Thank you for your assistance, I absolutely LOVE my Vita Craft
Cookware. I purchased the small starter set in 1974 and they
are all still beautiful and cook like a dream. I can't say enough
about the product, I wish I had more!!!

Smithville, Texas

"One of the positives to the busy parents of today is that this cookware can be placed through the dishwasher and is efficient to cook with.  I cannot speak highly enough of the cookware. I feel like I am back at home with cookware that is there to work for me instead of work for the glamour of the name.  
(Hello Emeril and Rachel Ray!).
Looking forward to spreading the word, and will seriously consider a cooking party. I think it is effective, in the past I owned SalasMaster via a cooking party... Your product is much better AND made right here in the US.

Thank you again,